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Why are woke folks so easy to hate?

You are all too familiar with these pests. You share something on YOUR status that is seemingly harmless, take a shower with the only soap that seems to work, post a meme that you felt was hilarious and here comes that "woke" brother or sister hijacking your page, your pantry and your parties.

"Don't say this. Don't post that. Boycott this. Sit down on that song, stand up for this fight. Juicy steak- don't take another bite!"

Does it ever end and why does it seem like life would be so much better without woke folks?

Or might life actually be so much worse? Where did these people come from anyway? I mean they used to be so cool.

In this episode of Waking Up with Hail Storm, she identifies the frustrations of dealing with and becoming woke.

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