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A Bit About Us

Our Story

      MEracle Family Publishers is an emerging leader in racial equity and healing through the power of storytelling. As social trendsetters, we set an aggressive goal to use our family based organization as a platform for ordinary people to share extraordinary stories with the world in an effort to dismantle systemic racism by 2042.  In order to achieve racial equity, the black story has to be told in mass and narrated in Truth. We believe that readers will fall in love with our healthy range of exciting life-changing, character centered fiction and nonfiction writings. MEracle will give context to all shades of black that will inspire the world to experience complete and total empathy for all. Our extended family will join forces with neighborhood business owners to give reading a complete makeover. The face of education will appear quite different in the eyes of MEracle patrons. Our mobile Reading Boutique/Shop owners will enjoy the benefits of earning additional income, while inspiring a love for literacy in their communities. Our network of shops will change the way neighborhood children and families view reading and help transform budding readers into profound leaders. All are welcome to partake in a variety of events and experiences designed to share a love of the human journey through the eyes of our poets, writers and trainers.

     In order to finally heal from the scars of racism, and live a life of abundance rather than greed and scarcity, Americans will need access to a signature framework that will empower black people to unite and reclaim dignity under the umbrella of self awareness, inner peace and love. This message must be delivered in multiple formats by an organization that helps others to become financially free, purpose driven and fearless. MEracle is here to lay the foundation for  such a mass communication style. The compounded effect of this strategic messaging will be known as #TheMEracleEffect. Click here If you would like to support this worthy initiative with a gift of any amount. In the meantime, please join us as we constantly update and improve your online experience.

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