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The Hidden Benefits of Partnering Up with the Welfare Queen

Could joining forces with the welfare population make you money? I mean when you were looking at her EBT card, feeling some type of way, somebody else was taking a bigger chunk from your check. Yes, it may be frustrating to work so hard only to see your growing teenagers devour the fruits of your labor in one late night binge, but you may no longer have to side eye the sister in aisle 9. Less than $5 a month is taken for food stamps benefits from the average taxpayer who earns $50,000 per year.

So, the question is, are average people willing to change their views about the grocery store villain in the other lane in order to bring more money into their own households?

Hail Storm takes a look at two different mentalities that could literally put thousands of dollars back into your pocket. Is she able to dismantle the myth of the welfare queen stealing the American Dream or will viewers still have doubts? Check out today's episode of Waking Up with Hail Storm and let us know what you think.

Hail Storm is the author of When A Black Queen Speaks

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